How to use

To use thumb control you need to register httphandler in web.config.

<add path="Thumb.axd" verb="*" type="Manic.Controls.ThumbHandler" validate="false" />

  • ImageUrl
  • ImageWidth
  • ImageHeight
  • ImageQuality
  • ImageBackgroundColor
  • CornerType
  • CornerRadius
  • TopLeftCornerType
  • TopRightCornerType
  • BottomRightCorner Type
  • BottomLeftCornerType
  • TopLeftCornerRadius
  • TopRightCornerRadius
  • BottomRightCornerRadius
  • BottomLeftCornerRadius
  • ImageBorder
  • ImageBorderWidth
  • ImageBorderColor
  • ImageFilter
  • WatermarkUrl
  • CopyrightText


ImageUrl and WatermarkImageUrl is encrypted so user can not see your original image location. To add extra security add following key in appSettings section of web.config:

<add key="ManicEncryptionKey" value="YOURKEY" />

Encryption key value must have 8 characters.

Adding watermark to thumb

If you want to show good watermark please make your watermark image as transparent png. You can see example here:

Adding copyright to page

To add copyright on thumb enter text in CopyrightText property of the control.

<manic:Thumb ID="tmb1" runat="server" ImageUrl="IMAGEPATH" AlternateText="Sample" CopyrightText="© Manic Studio" />


You can see a working examples here:

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